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The Seahorse School

For all the children of Zihuatanejo that just need one chance to thrive. A community where learning is customized and kids and teachers feel safe. Think of the possibilities!!!

13 years ago, teachers Gabby and Mario saw the overwhelming need for a school to support children who were born with disabilities. Mainly focused on intellectual disability as schools in Zihuatanejo, Mexico did not have educational opportunities for these individuals. So Mario and Gabby opened up there home to as many children as possible. Sense then they have turned their garage into a classroom and currently they support around 30 students per day. Gabby and Mario’s dreams has always been to build a school that would be a cutting edge education environment for these individuals.

May 17th we opened doors of the new seahorse school! Now we shift our focus to building the second floor and maintaining what has already been built.

We are approved as a non-profit!!

We are currently trying to raise funds for our program. Above is a donation button that will take you go our link on gofundme.

Currently the best way to get involved is to make a donation!

Our foundation is still in its early stages. We are solely focused on the construction of the Seahorse school at this moment but many more projects could develop in the near future.

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