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Our Story


Almost 20 years ago without knowing what they would achieve together, Gabriela Talavera Cervantes and Mario Alberto Esquivel Petatan met at the Normal School in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero; where they were studying to become teachers, they shared their love for teaching and soon after they shared their love as a couple and got married at the age of 19. Now they form a beautiful family with their son Mario.


With the past of the years Mario went to the state of Michoacán to work as an Elementary School Teacher while Gaby stayed in Zihuatanejo working with a child with Down Syndrome and it was there that Gaby discovered her true vocation! Not only is it teaching, but she realizes that she wants to do something much more than being a teacher... She wants to be a teacher for students with intellectual disabilities.

The child's parents hire a Montessori guide to train Gaby so that she has the skills to educate children with Down Syndrome. During the period of 5 years the student was prepared to lead a life in society, using various work and teaching strategies. She was successful in her preparation to the boy. This motivates her even more to move forward and acquire more knowledge.

Later Gaby worked as an assistant in an institution for children with different abilities, which belongs to the municipal government, and in which she gave therapy to children with slow learning, down syndrome, autistic, hearing problems among others. This allowed her to learn about different types of therapy. Unfortunately the work came to an end.

The parents knew of the great person and knowledge acquired by Gaby and asked her to continue supporting their children, unfortunately there was not a suitable place to teach classes and therapies to children so she went to their homes, but this did not allow her to attend to everyone. 

At that time a person invited her to participate in an association for children with different abilities, she was in charge of elaborating the whole project, excited because she felt she was finally going to have a space to attend the children who needed her so much. It was a very hard  for Maestra Gaby when, after delivering the project, she was told that she was not going to be part of it.  She suffered a great disappointment and her husband, teacher Mario, seeing her sadness, asked her mother if she would allow them a space in her house to receive the children. Her mother agreed immediately and that is how this dream began... First in a room that they set up with a table and chairs, then on a balcony. However, every day there were more and more children who needed this space and learning, so they built a small room in the backyard of the house, fitting it out according to their possibilities.

In the bedroom with little material, but with all the desire to start a new project.

On the balcony some moms had to be present for the activities.


The teacher Gaby has been working for 9 years in the classroom that they built with her husband and he is always supportive. She has the support of another teacher, Miss Jenny. Currently there are 30 students, of which 7 are children with Autism, 3 children with Down Syndrome and the rest are children with learning disabilities.  

We share some images of the history of Miss Gaby's little school and her students.

Three years ago Gaby and Mario bought a piece of land with their life savings and with the dream of being able to build a decent space for their students and also to receive more special children since they have a waiting list for not having the space and adequate conditions. They knocked down the old construction and started the foundation of the building with the support of Gaby's husband's brother Julio Cesar who decided to support them with his work and knowledge at no cost, but they faced the serious problem of not having the capital to continue building.

When Mario and Gaby had lost all hope of being able to continue with the construction of this dream, an Angel came into their lives and into the lives of many children who are waiting for an opportunity to join Maestra Gaby's classes... And that's The Seahorse Foundation.

Mrs. Yuli Solorzano told her about Teacher Gaby's project since her son Divino has been her student since he was 4 years old with a diagnosis of mild autism, severe slow learning and attention deficit and hyperactivity. It has been very difficult to find a school for her son's education and it is with Teacher Gaby that she has found this unconditional support. 

We feel very fortunate and blessed to have the invaluable support of The Seahorse Foundation, until today he has been the only person who has financially supported the project without any interest whatsoever. 

Together we have started a new adventure called: THE SEAHORSE FOUNDATION.

Thanks to his big heart we have been able to continue with the construction of the school... But there is still more to come!                                                                                                    


We want to invite you to join to this GREAT PROJECT "The Seahorse Foundation" that belongs to all of us, for ourchildren who need our support so much, but above all to give them a worthy space where they can learn and have the education that is so needed in our Municipality and State.

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